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UK Mining Conference - 13-14 September

On 13th and 14th September, Jeff Townsend (Founder, CMIA and CMA UK) and Becca Kirk (Biogeochemistry Consultant, CMA UK) attended the ABMEC UK Mining Conference in Falmouth, Cornwall. It was a fantastic one-and-a-half-day conference with updates and announcements from many UK exploration and mine projects, and a celebration of the growth of UK mining in the last few years. Fantastic progress and updates were given from many CMA (UK) members, and it was inspiring to hear the advances made in projects happening across Cornwall and the UK.

A few exciting presentations included Cornish Metals's resource update where they announced an over 30% resource estimate increase, Cornish Lithium’s fantastic contributions from their ESG team including the vast amount of work they have done with local communities in Cornwall, and progress from Cornish Tin announcing their lithium exploration plans. ESG, circular economy and sustainability was echoed throughout the conference programme.

The event highlighted the support given to these projects from consultancies, academic projects, media management and legal sector. There was an informative talk on ‘mistakes others are making’ regarding planning, permitting and due diligence from Gowling WLG and a captivating talk on managing the media from BlytheRay. There was an important highlight on both safety and risk assessment in mining projects by Tautus, and the necessity of understanding and advances in minerals processing by MEI.

Jeff Townsend gave an informative talk on the influence of geopolitics within the sector and how the Critical Mineral Association (UK) and Critical Materials International Alliance can help form crucial links with neighbouring alliances to provide sustainable supply chains across the field. Thank you ABMEC for organising!

Article by Becca Kirk, Biogeochemistry Consultant, CMA (UK)

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