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Why critical minerals are important for low carbon technologies?

A Wind Turbine (3MW) needs 2000kg of rare earths!

The world will need a similar amount of copper in the next 25 years (550 m/t) as the last 5000 years has produced!

Demand for lithium could increase by 965% by 2050!

The World Bank's 2020 report "Minerals for Climate Action: "The Mineral Intensity of the Clean Energy Transition" estimates over 3 billion tons of minerals and metals will be needed to deploy wind, solar and geothermal power, as well as energy storage, required for achieving a below 2°C future

What global organisations are working on minerals for the future?

How can minerals be sourced responsibly?

Many organisations are working to ensure mineral extraction is socially and environmentally responsible - from the Responsible Mining Index to the United Nations 'International Resource Panel'.
The 'Responsible Raw Materials 2021 Conference' brought together a huge range of stakeholders in this sphere and responsible materials resources on their website

To learn more - try the Natural Resource Governance Institute's free online course 'Natural Resources for Sustainable Development' which covers the sustainable development opportunities and challenges of mineral extraction, and Geology for Global Development's free open-access module on ‘Geoscience and Sustainable Development’

Mining’s Role in the Energy Transition 

Watch this excellent video 'Mining's Role in the Energy Transition' produced by SRK Consulting!

what's in your phone?

'If it's not grown, it must be mined' - so where should mineral extraction take place if our low carbon futures depend on these materials?

Watch this TEDX Talk by Geologist Lucy Crane to hear more. 

Minefacts has the answers to get you started - from why we need metals and  how we find them to how a mine operates

How can I learn more about the role of critical minerals in modern, low-carbon technologies?

Try this free Online Course 'Technology Metals for a Green Future'

Learn how critical raw materials are found and used, and explore their role in contributing to a more sustainable future. Featuring:

  • Geology, ore deposits and minerals

  • Exploring and production of technology metals ores

  • Responsible sourcing

By University of Exeter's Camborne School of Mines

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How do we mine a sustainable future? Find out more at 'Mining a Sustainable Future's' website. This initiative by the Natural History Museum and ICRAG explains how exploration, geochemistry and mining works!

Tin is needed in a host of Green Technologies including energy storage and energy generation - watch the International Tin Association's video to find out more!

for the STEM CUrious...

Remember the Periodic Table? What elements do we need in technology and society?

Remember 'Top Trumps'? How about 'Happy Families'? These free card games will up your game in understanding which elements are needed for modern technology and where these are found.

Can I really learn about geology and mining in Minecraft? Yes!


EIT Raw Materials has put together a Minecraft add-on and The British Geological Society has reproduced the geology of  Great Britain in Minecraft - perfect for those Minecraft addicts 

Fun Fact - Learn what an 'adit' is in the video below'

Can I go mining in 'Minecraft'?

Answer: Yes

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How did flotation (what's that?) change the world?

This video by Minerals Engineering International's Barry Wills highlights the importance of processing technologies in the world's history

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How can I get students excited about batteries?

The Faraday Institution's 'STEM Day in a Box' provides a hands-on learning materials for KS2 students with A Fully Charged Battery Box with activities to explore batteries, circuits and even make electric cars!

Why is Recycling important for Critical Minerals?

The Royal Society of Chemistry have put together a digital pack on 'Elements in Danger' showing all the critical minerals we keep in our household devices!


Find out what elements are in danger in your phones in this Royal Society of Chemistry video!

What careers pathways are there in geoscience?

Explore career pathways on the Geological Society's website 'Geology Career Pathways'

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