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Resourcing Tomorrow - Mines & Money 2022

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

In anticipation of Resourcing Tomorrow, Europe’s largest and most in-depth mining conference dedicated to sustainability, Andrew Thake from Mines and Money interviews Critical Minerals Association (CMA) Founder, Jeff Townsend. They discuss why the CMA was founded and how it hopes to make an impact.

CMA is dedicated to “building up the political will to tackle” the issue of critical minerals by “educating the wider political network of decision-makers” of their importance, Jeff explains. Every year the reach of their advocacy grows, from meeting with politicians and civil servants in Whitehall to building international partnerships with the Canadian Critical Minerals and Materials Alliance and the CMA in Australia. “We’re here to help,” Jeff asserts. “The more voices we have and the more we can unite the industry, the faster we can see global leaders and decision-makers pushing the critical minerals sector forward.”

Jeff will be on a panel at Resourcing Tomorrow, speaking about the development of the UK’s critical minerals sector and what outcomes we can expect in the coming years in light of the government’s publication of its first critical minerals strategy.

This year’s conference will feature over 120 talks, panels, and presentations on the energy transition, ESG, decarbonisation, the circular economy, and lessons learned from the pandemic. Join over 2000 decision makers, mining leaders, policymakers, investors, innovators, and educators from over 75 countries for three days of learning, deal-making and unparalleled networking.

Watch the interview below and head to the Mines and Money website to learn more about Resourcing Tomorrow.

Article by Eileen Maes, Public Affairs & Communications Intern, Critical Minerals Association

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