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CMA Co-founder Gives Evidence to the UK Parliament Environmental Audit Select Committee

On Wednesday 16th June the Critical Minerals Association’s Co-founder, Jeff Townsend, was called to give evidence on UK electric vehicle supply chains to the Environmental Audit Select Committee.

During a two-hour special inquiry session evidence was given by:

  • Jeff Townsend, CMA

  • Isobel Sheldon CBE, Britishvolt

  • Professor David Greenwood, HVM Catapult, University of Warwick

  • Matthew Ogg, SMMT

  • Stephen Gifford, Faraday Institute

  • Vikki Roberts, Johnson Matthey

Speaking to the Committee’s Parliamentary members, Jeff outlined the challenges faced by the UK in relation to current global market trends. Jeff proposed a number of actions the UK and its government needs to take to ensure the UK is viewed as competitive regionally, in the global race to the new green economy:

  • Act now to stimulate both the market and supply chain within the next six months or risk the UK being irreversibly left behind by our regional competitors.

  • Create a single UK governmental body overseeing the development of the critical mineral supply chain and its downstream users.

  • Ensure that UK energy prices for the critical mineral and associated original equipment manufacturer industry are competitive regionally by cutting our prices to under 5p/kw/h.

  • Support UK exploration and mineral extraction companies to ensure the UK is part of the search for new minerals to deliver the green energy transition.

  • Develop a midstream within the UK.

  • Ensure UK critical minerals are delivered to best practice industry ESG standards to level the global critical mineral playing field.

The recording of the session can be found here.

Speaking during the inquiry Jeff said:

“[ESG compliant] extraction of minerals is the foundation of the solution to the environmental crisis.”

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