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The Blair Project - STEM & Electric Vehicles

'A lot of young people are passionate about climate change, but they need to know what career opportunities exist' - Nile Henry, The Blair Project

The Critical Minerals Association's Perception of Mining group Chairs Lucy Crane, Cornish Lithium and Ben Lepley, SRK Consulting invited Nile Henry, founder & CEO of The Blair Project (and self-confessed tech nerd) to chat about his role in raising awareness of electric vehicle technology and encouraging more young people from diverse backgrounds to get involved in STEM subjects.

The Blair Project

At 18 years old, Nile Henry founded a youth social enterprise, The Blair Project. This inspiring organisation has developed funding for STEM programmes such as The ProtoEV Challenge and acts as a training platform on which to build a diverse talent pipeline for the green industrial revolution.

The Blair Project is a vocational and technical training provider that uses the excitement of electric motor sports to inspire disadvantaged 15-18 year olds to pursue careers in the digital, tech and engineering sectors. They get teams of young people to convert used petrol go-karts into fully electric e-carts that they test and rate to see which is the fastest and most energy efficient. The Blair Project taps into the climate activism of young people and provides them with hands-on experience of working with green technologies.

Find out more in the interview below:

The interview covers:

  • The importance of increasing awareness of career paths in the sectors which will develop the technologies needed to combat climate change

  • The work of The Blair Project in encouraging young people from diverse backgrounds into STEM subjects and providing them with hands-on experiences and skills which are pivotal for the upcoming green industrial revolution

  • The future opportunities which new governmental policies create, especially in the upcoming electric vehicle sector and the need for reskilling and education to make these a reality (including the UK's future battery recycling industry)

  • What the automotive and other key green revolution industries can do to improve diversity within their sectors and the benefits which doing so will provide.

  • The positive effects of having passionate and involved role models such as Nile within industry to encourage underrepresented groups in engineering and tech to pursue career paths in STEM industries.

An inspiring discussion which highlights the important work of The Blair Project - putting a spotlight on future enterprising opportunities for the green industrial revolution and the role that young people can play. An interview not to be missed!

Find out more about The Blair Project here:

By Beth Donaghey & Kirsty Benham

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